UNLEASHTHE80s – a cross-platform initiative

It is a television programme, online radio and record label platform that delivers quality international retro music to Africa, and the world. Spanning Soul, Funk, Jazz, African, Rap, Electro, House and Dance music, UNLEASHTHE80s is all about understanding and meeting the needs of Africans in the diaspora and the universal consumer in the language of entertainment.
Statistically, we serve a core age from 25-49 – a crowd still eager for a decent medium of entertainment, reminiscent of times past, and seeking a shared identity, especially as some modern music now draws to saturation point.
UNLEASHTHE80s: Born out of the frustrations of Christopher Bolarinwa Marquis aka CBM – a UK and African broadcaster, presenter, radio and TV producer who is passionate about music and research; a man refusing to consent to the decline in the quality of music he grew up listening to in Nigeria, Africa.

September 2001 |

December 2006 |

From 2007 |

Into the future...

In Sept. 2001, with a dear friend (A&R) manager Andreas Hellingh, UNLEASHTHE80s Records released its first act Vaneese Thomas, a New York sensation who had a hit record with “(I wanna) Get Close To You” when signed to Geffen records in 1986.

This was followed by a compilation CD/LP ‘Dare II Dream’ that remained unreleased as UNLEASHTHE80s ventured into TV programming in Africa.

On 24 December 2006, Silverbird Television (Lagos, Nigeria) launched its first-ever quality-retro TV programme for its adult audience.

It is called UNLEASHTHE80s; an entertaining but informative documentary musical show that plays music videos, with commentary, and highlights stars from the 70s, 80s and 90s eras.

In 2007 we launched the online music radio to satisfy the desire of fans that hungered for more after watching the UNLEASHTHE80s TV programme; the online radio station has since turned into its own entity that has spiraled into a global sensation.

UNLEASHTHE80s online radio provides more uninterrupted music 24 hours 7 days a week, with interesting programming line-ups like ‘Discover the crates,’ ‘CBM Talks with…’ interviews, ‘UNLEASHTHE80s: Through the decades,’ ‘Artist profiles, ‘Future retro lounge’ and ‘Retro lounge’ segments.

‘Future Retro Lounge’ spotlights new and upcoming talented artists, and ‘Retro Lounge’ celebrates the lives of your favorite retro artists.


  • We have evolved into a radio and TV production company that can prepare a radio programme to suit your radio station’s specification, including writing and producing advertisements tailored to suit your specific needs and intents.

  • We also hold events such as ‘Fans Nights’ where everyone can gather and celebrate the legendary eras together.



We vow to continue to tap into the psyche of the ‘Unleash’ian’ – to awaken memories, build upon their feelings of nostalgia and create new memories of a time when music translated to quality and was a lifeline. Welcome to the UNLEASHTHE80s movement – get on board the nostalgic memory lane train!
UNLEASHTHE80s is experiencing an evolution that would separate it from others of its kind. Thank you for your continued support of UNLEASHTHE80s TV programme and online radio service. The best is yet to come.
The TV programme currently airs on DStv MNET/Africa Magic and we are looking forward to the production of more informative documentaries.


70s, 90s but keeps you in the 80s...
Now playing music from the 70s: 90s: but keeps you in the 80s... + Future retro! Send in your requests info@unleashthe80s.com